Monday, March 25, 2013

Compost Class - All About Compost

Sunday April 7th
10:45 AM - 12:30 PM
Stone Soup Ashland Co-op
4637 N Ashland Ave, Chicago Il

This is a short, but comprehensive class for those who want to understand the process and how-to of composting, its significance and practical uses. If you have or have not tried composting but want a better understanding and knowledge to make it happen or support the urban composting scene, please attend.

Want to understand the history, practice and application of compost?
-          This class will be a compact and comprehensive presentation and demonstration of composting.
-          We will dispel the myths of what can and cannot be composted.
-          Discover a system that will suit your particular needs.
-          Learn the tricks that make composting simple for a home gardener.

Compost Class Cost:
 In advance $15.75
Cost at the door $20.00 
If cost is a discouragement please email me for an alternative arrangement

Bring something to take notes with as well as all your questions!

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